Councillors and committees

All Parish Councillors act together to represent the whole of the Parish, not just the area where they live. Their decisions are taken jointly at meetings which are open to the public.

The Parish Council is made up of seven elected Parish Councillors, who are unpaid, and it employs one (paid) part-time Clerk. The Parish Council meets monthly at the Parish Hall in St Clement Village at 7.30pm on the last Wednesday of the month (the Parish Council does not meet in December). Parish Council meetings are normally attended by the Cornwall Councillor for the area.

Members of the public are welcome to attend any Parish Council meeting. There is a short public participation session at the start of every meeting, during which residents are free to comment on or ask about anything on the agenda. The Chairman will ask if any member of the public has anything to say and will invite them to speak in turn. Once the meeting proper has started, only the councillors may speak, but you are welcome to stay and observe. You are free to leave quietly at any point and there is no need to say anything. Very rarely it may be necessary to exclude the public while a confidential matter is discussed. Sometimes the Parish Council may call a special public meeting to debate a matter of particular local interest; anyone can speak at these meetings.

The normal way of getting in touch with the Parish Council is to contact the Clerk. Alternatively, you can ask a parish councillor to raise a matter on your behalf.

Current Parish Councillors (updated following the May 2017 Local Elections):

  • Cllr Peter Thomas (Chairman) 01872 272937
  • Cllr Theresa Cowling (Vice- Chair) 01872 520544
  • Cllr David Stone
  • Cllr Tom Stevens 01872 240826

NEW VACANCIES There are currently three vacant seats on the Parish Council, following the retirement of three councillors at the end of their term of office. If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor, please contact the Clerk for further details.

Parish Councillors are required to complete a Register of Interests form, which can be viewed here

A Structure Chart showing Committee Membership can be viewed here (St Clement Parish Council structure)

Current Cornwall Councillor: Cllr Mike Eathorne-Gibbons

Becoming a Parish Councillor
There are seven seats on the Parish Council, but we do advertise vacancies quite regularly. They are advertised here and on Cornwall Council’s website, as well as on parish noticeboards. If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor, please contact the Clerk for further information.