Council services and property

The Parish Council can choose to provide services and amenities for residents within its area.

Examples of services currently provided by the Parish Council:

Tresillian Allotments
The allotment land is leased from Cornwall Council by St Clement Parish Council. The Parish Council run the allotments with the help of volunteers from the Tresillian Allotment Association. If you are interested in applying for an allotment, please contact the Parish Clerk.

Public Conveniences – St Clement
The public conveniences are owned by Cornwall Council and leased to St Clement Parish Council which runs them. Truro City Council are contracted by the Parish Council to clean the facility.

Public Conveniences – Malpas
The public conveniences are owned by Cornwall Council, but St Clement Parish Council contributes towards the  annual running costs. Although Cornwall Council has withdrawn funding for public conveniences, the facility is being kept open this year with a contribution from the Maritime Service.

The Parish Council also provides items such as benches and noticeboards and has contributed in the past to community projects, such as Malpas Village Hall and the Tresillian Village Improvements. It also makes regular contributions to the upkeep of churchyards in the Parish.

Land and buildings

The Parish Council does not own any land or buildings. It does not have any offices or Parish Rooms. Although it meets at the Parish Hall, it does not own or run the hall, which is owned by a charitable trust. The Parish Council has a long lease of the allotment site at Tresillian from Cornwall Council at a peppercorn and has also taken on the lease of St Clement Public Conveniences.

Grants for community projects

The Parish Council has the power to make small grants to community projects for the benefit of residents in the parish and is occasionally in a position to do so. As its money comes from the people who live in the parish, it can only consider funding for projects based in the parish and that are primarily for the benefit of people in the parish. Preference is given to projects designed benefit as many people in the parish as possible. The Council cannot give grants or sponsorship to individuals, however worthy the cause, unfortunately, nor can it make gifts to charities based outside the parish. If you have a project in mind, please ring or email the Clerk at an early stage for advice on how to go about making an application. The full text of our grants policy can be seen on the ‘Documents’ page.